Belle Aujourd'hui's Guide to Paris

Let’s chat what to buy, what to eat and what to shop in Paris! 


What to Buy:

I feel incredibly strongly that the first thing you need to get to in Paris is City Pharma or any local pharmacy. Just fit it in your schedule, #noexcuses.

 I went from a Sephora Rouge member ( min. $2,000/year spend) to spending maybe $300 a year on all my skincare and my skin has never looked better!! While I will tell you about the products I love, I will also tell you that you can’t go wrong. So, don't be afraid to ask the pharmacist and try something new! 

 Here are my go-to’s and things that I use on a daily basis:

 A313: I’ve been a tret girl and A313 blows it out of the water, which is impressive because this pharmaceutical grade vitamin A is actually a retinol ester. It's not considered as strong as tret but, an argument can be made because, for me, it’s much more potent! I use this nightly and when I was in France I picked up three tubes because I can’t live without it.

 Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre: If you’ve been a fan of the 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden this is similar. I use it as a daytime lotion but, will also use it at night if my skin is super dry. It has primer properties that will rival any primer you’re currently crushing over.

 SVR Sunscreen: I love everything about the SVR brand. I used SVR in St.Barths when I was in the sun all day, every day for consecutive days on end and never once burned. I now trust it on my face. I use the blur SVR sunscreen but, you won’t go wrong with any of them.

 Laluset Hyaluronic Acid: This cream is also a must! It’s not for every day but a weekly mask will keep your skin insanely hydrated! This again is something I grabbed three tubes of. I can’t afford to not have it.

 Nuxe - I love any and all of their lip products! Their body oil is also supreme, I buy the Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil but, again you won’t go wrong with any of them. They absorb right into your skin or hair giving you a glow but, without the oily look! 


I usually come home with much more than this but, these are my go-to’s each time I’m in a pharmacy. I’m not a Caudalie girl it just personally doesn’t work for my skin but, if you are it’s about 30-50% cheaper in Paris than in the US.

 What to Shop:

 Colette: (1st Arrondissement) This store will from time to time have some amazing exclusive collaborations with the biggest names in Paris fashion. It’s part store, part museum and 100% worth your time!

Champs Élysées : (8th Arrondissement) This is where you’ll find all of your luxury stores. It stretches about a mile long and will give your credit card a work out. I like to buy Cartier and Hermes her. For those of us in the US there is no sales tax in France. So, if you are in the market for luxury goods this is your time to shine!

 Avenue Montaigne: (8th Arrondissement) This is must-see for any girl who fell in love with Audrey Hepburn. The Dior flagship is found here and the merchandising is out of this world. It’s like a living museum with some of the most beautiful clothing I have ever seen. 

 RoseMarket Vintage: (9th Arrondissement) If you’re going to go vintage, there is no better place than Paris. A stop at RoseMarket Vintage never disappoints. Because it’s vintage it can be hit or miss but, it hits more times than it misses.

 Les Puces de Saint-Ouen: If the luxury market wasn’t your thing, let me tell you a Paris “flea market” or antique market has something for everyone! Some of the most beautiful and unique items can be found here and everyone should make a stop.


What to Eat:

 The French Bastards: (Multiple Locations) Hot Tip: They SELL OUT!!! If you can make it to one of their locations their bread, pastries and sandwiches are out of this world. I would be fine in Paris for a week with nothing to eat but the items out of their shop. My favorite is the classic Parisian sandwich which is simply butter and ham, known as the jambon beurre.

 L’Oiseau Blanc: (16th Arrondissement)This Michelin-starred restaurant sits inside the Peninsula Hotel. While the views of the Eiffel Tower are amazing, this restaurant actually pays tribute to two French aviation pioneers, Charles Nungesser and François Coli who were the first two pilots to cross the Atlantic non-stop. A replica of the plane is a must see before you sit down to eat.

 Picnic -You can eat right under the Eiffel Tower if you bring your own picnic lunch or dinner! I suggest picking up items at Printemps du Gout (9th Arrondissement) and driving the 13 minutes out to the Eiffel Tower for a relaxed meal! Another amazing place I recommend to take a picnic to is either the Gauche or Droite bank of the Seine. 

 Apéritif Hour- The Apéritif is one of my favorite parts of European culture and if you want to stop in for a quick Apéritif before dinner my recommendation is Frenchie Bar å Vins (2nd Arrondissement). I love a place that feels honest and authentic and Frenchie Bar a Vins fits the bill! 

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