Bring Paris to your Living Room!

If you are in need of a Parisian fix but can’t quite make it to Paris, Netflix has you covered!

Here’s a list of my favorite French views! (note, turn on your closed captioning)

The Parisian Agency:

This show follows the Kretz family, mom Sandrine and dad Olivier and three of their four boys, Martin, Valentin and Louis as they run a very successful real estate agency. 

Not only does this show give you the gift of seeing some of the most beautiful, unique homes and Haussmann-style apartments you also get to see their family go through some fun times! Just wait until you meet the Grandma, Majo! She is goals for any woman realizing she’s getting older by the day. 


The Chef’s Table: France

Just like the Chef’s Table episodes you’ve seen in America, the Chefs’s Table France is a really unique and fun journey through how food is viewed in another country. 

You’ll see a three-Michelin star restaurant turn from meat to vegetables, an island cafe transformed in what is a very unlikely culinary hot spot and learn about the iconic French ingredients Chef’s swear by! Just a warning but you may google “French restaurants nearby” because you will be hungry!


The Ultimatum: France

Same concept different country. But let me just say, if one day someone would like to try to give me an ultimatum, please make sure it’s en Français.


Spoiled Brats

This one is fun! Three siblings have lived a life of luxury thanks to their father. When their father gets fed up, it’s time to teach them a lesson! This one is quirky and funny, grab your popcorn!!!


Stuck Together

If you haven’t had your fill of COVID, check out this movie. A group of people are stuck together when quarantine hits and hilarity ensues when they try to adjust to their new life.

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